Saturday, January 1, 2011


Cliche, yes, but the beginning of a new year is always a time of evaluation. For me, it's an attempt to spend some time with more personal work. By the end of the year I am usually so busy with other types of images, I don't get to spend the time I want with my personal side. I am very thankful to get busy, and be able to feed my family doing what I love, but although I can be expressive in my wedding and portrait images... I always feel the need to make some work that lets others into my head. So..... back to the 365, and the diet!


Sandy said...

Are these from your treasure trove in the basement? Beautiful light ~ what was your light source? This has such a wonderful antique look and feel.

Jeff Reeder said...

Yes, These are from my basement collection. The light was just from an old lightbulb. Nice warm tungsten light.