Monday, August 27, 2007


Sorry for the repetition in my posting. 0utside of shooting weddings, I find myself wearing a well beaten path between the inside of my house, and my studio(especially with my wife and half of my children gone for about a week now). Basically I keep walking through this spiders web as I walk out the door. Instead of getting the web and whatever is trapped in it in my hair as I had for a few days, I just started watching the actions of the spider, and of course photographing it as I did with the sunflowers, which are just a few feet away. It is another learning experience to find different ways to photograph the same thing day after day, and it is actually become quite interesting (oh what a life I have). If this continues, maybe I will start shooting the inside of my studio habitat (which until today, has not really been cleaned in a year).....well, hopefully you will be spared that experience!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I feel for these little guys, just stuck, flapping their wings, unable to go anywhere. Just waiting for their turn to be drained of their life's juices. 0h well, at least the web is keeping them from getting in my house. They can be such a nuisance.