Saturday, March 31, 2007


Last night I had the pleasure of attending a party at the college where I earned my BFA. The party was in honor of a teacher from the Photo department who was leaving after 20 years. I never actually had Vida as a teacher, but she did touch me just by being there, and inspired me to have confidence in myself and my art.Just walking onto the campus brought a flood of memories. Not only was this where I learned a lot about art, this is where I met my wife, and some of my best friends. This is where my oldest son spent the first year and a half of his life. The courtyard here is on of the places Eli learned to walk. I could just see him fumbling around the large sculpture outside the Photo department with his bare feet (he refused to wear shoes for quite some time). I found myself in an odd time warp all evening....
Literally nothing has changed. The Photo lab and darkroom look exactly the same as they did 15 years ago.
I spent many, many hours working here. many sleepless nights spent in the dark.

I didn't photograph the color darkroom, because it was appropriately completely dark, but that was where I spent most of my nights.Last night I spoke with some of my teachers who are still teaching, and producing some amazing work. I also spent some time speaking with some of the current seniors. These students seemed to have the same drive that I did in school. They were obviously the people who worked in the lab as a job as well as school. I did this through my last few years at tyler to make a little money, but mostly for access to a key to 24 hour lab use. Conversations with the students made me think more about doing more teaching. I feel like I have something to offer people like this.
Sorry for the lengthy post, but spending time here again really had me examining past, where I am presently, and what is in the future. The sad twist to this is that this campus will no longer be where it is in about a year. Tyler will be moving down to Temple main campus shortly. What seemed like a living time capsule last night will not be that way much longer. I wonder what will become of these grounds, and these buildings, and the "permanent" sculptures. Everything changes eventually, for better or worse. Life goes on. Take lots of pictures!
*The reason I can post these today is that these shots were taken after midnight as after speaking with the students,(they had to head off to a party...typical) I just sat and pondered many things*

Friday, March 30, 2007


Jonah's class had a trip to the Franklin Institute today. Since this is one of my favorite museums in the city (aside from the Art Museum), I asked to go as a chaperone! I realize since I am a bit late in posting, that Jess has beat me to the punch, showing her group in many of the same shots I took. Oh well, you get to see part of the trip though my eyes. The coolest shots I have are of the electricity disply.

(for all of you non-DBZ fans, my apologies)

I had to add this fun educational working diorama.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


First thing in the morning today, I spent a little time cleaning up the first floor of the carriage house where I do my work. I had a quickie headshot to do today, so I made it somewhat presentable. This has been an on again off again project for me, and it has sat accumulating piles and dust for the past 6 months. Obviously off again. However, I am finding I do enjoy doing "studio" type shots, and the natural light that comes through the windows for the earlier part of the day bounces around the room creating a perfect portrait light.
Keeping up with a five kids and running a business out of the same place poses many dilemmas. The kids enjoy playing in the back yard. To get to the carriage house, you have to go through the back yard. I never wanted the type of home/yard that had to remain so pristine you can't enjoy it. I want my kids to have fun without me constantly being on them to not make a mess, but without a clean space, it is hard to impress clients....This is why I shoot mostly on location, and meet people at Panera. Some day, maybe, I'll finish the yard and cariage house....when the kids are older.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Today was finally Springlike. OK, maybe it wasn't really warm enough to be wading in thr creek, but once their shoes got wet I let them go for a while.
It was Josiah's 14th birthday today! He wanted to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Here he is looking very Zoolander with his King crab legs.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Turkish Night

Tonight we had a gatering of friends at Karen and Savas'. Karen is a friend from high school and college. Savas cooked a Turkish dinner for us, and we hung out and talked while the kids played. Real nice evening!

....Mom and Dad,if you read this, sorry we didn't stop. We were all full and tired when we left. The girls were asleep before we pulled out of the driveway.(My parents live blocks away).

Friday, March 23, 2007


Totally unrelated to the first picture, and todays title...This evening Mike and Jess and kids came over for a visit. One of them asked something about the fisheye lens, thus becoming subject to its exaggerated point of view. Sorry guys!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok, I won't be shooting a lot of pretty flowers(I do enough of that at weddings), but in honor of spring I will put my twist on the subject. These were shot right around midnight. I loved the way they were gently swaying with a slight breeze, like a bunch of content babies sleeping in slings. I was drawn to the contrast of seasons, I think I have 3 covered here....

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I photographed Tracey and John's wedding a few years ago. Today I visited thier home and got to photograph their happy, energetic 6 month old. Here are a few outtakes...

I just have to add this last one...

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I took the girls to see a play tonight at Pennbrook Middle School. A friend from Church and Awana had a couple roles in the production. This was not just impressive for a middle school play, it was IMPRESSIVE. This was a completely original musical. You can tell everyone involved was dedicated. Wow. Here are a few shots featuring our friend Glenn. He is the swordsman in blue, and the goateed guy in the sweat suit. Great job Glenn!

Friday, March 9, 2007


After a few months of separation, Eli's band got back together. Tonight was their reunion show at "Sacred Ground", a hall in the basement of a church fellowship hall in Fallsington, near Levittown. These "kids" have so much talent, I hope it continues. I love experiencing the punk scene of this generation. It is wierd because all of the bands were doing covers of songs that I played in high school. Black Flag, which was my all time favorite is now the most highly respected of bands. I remember thinking..."I wonder what my kids will be listening to when they are my age" when I was in highschool. I never dreamed it would be the same music! The scene is much better though. There just weren't shows like this when I was 16. It is great that there are people out there that make it possible for events like this. Even though the moshing had to be kept to a non violent minimum, I know everyone there appreciated the space.