Thursday, April 24, 2008


DuChamp's The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even
DuChamp's work was all about the thought that went behind the piece- This was one he woked on for years, and incorporated collected dust, random -not so random- cracking, and a juxtoposition of symbols that represent different things- It doesn't look like much, but tells a very well thought out story- I won't interpret, but it is inspiring-
What I always loved about DeKooning was the way he would work on specific details like the face, then scrape off the paint, leaving an impression, then paint over it- There's something haunting about this-
VanGogh's simple, expressive use of line and color-
That witty Brancusi
The thinker.....thinking

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Jonah and I went on a little trek today, through the wooded area across the street. I have known since we have lived here that there was an amusement park somewhere close by, that closed some time in the early 60's. I have seen a few old pictures of swan boats, and pavilions but never thought much of it. I have also heard that there were some remnants of park benches out there, but never went to look. Since I wasn't sure where the park was, I was surprised to find, after a short walk along the creek, these ghostly remains starting to peak out through the surrounding trees. We ignored the "No Trespassing" signs and explored a bit. There was much more still sitting out there than I thought. It became a little eerie walking through the tombstone like stubs of what used to be benches all lined up in rows to face some show that has not been seen since well before I was born. I did a little research when we got home, and found that Forest Park operated for almost 100 years. It was a big attraction that brought in thousands of people to the area. I can't even imagine what Summers were like at my house in it's early years since it was built in 1901, when the park was at a peak.
In high school, history was one of my worst subjects. Now I find it is something that really interests me. I have always been interested in archeology, and have recently thought about the fact that, being a photographer, I am not so far off. I love the fact that I make a living of documenting time. I don't quite know why I am so interested in the passing of time, actually it kind of freaks me out. I guess the fact that it creates such a reaction within me is why I have to explore it.
Well, I guess there is plenty of fuel out there for future projects.