Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It rained the whole week we were in Maine. I didn't mind much because the fog makes for some cool pictures. Jonah and I didn't get to explore the woods as much as we would have liked, but we still had plenty of fun. There was something really relaxing about kayaking around the bay in the fog and rain. The constant foghorns from the boats in the area lent an eerie but familiar Close Encounters tune in the air. Chaya and I spent a large part of one day kayaking around the island, and exploring a couple of the neighboring islands. I wish I was brave enough to bring my camera on the kayak with me, but I just couldn't risk it. There is just something really beautiful about being at water level when the sun and some blue sky peek out through the clouds for a while, and all of the colors swirl around on the wakes...these would have definitely been some of my best shots from the trip....but there is just no way to keep things dry on a kayak.
Any way, no matter how much I like my job, it is so nice to get away to a place with no phone reception, and no internet. I found myself driving around occasionally looking for a wifi signal to steal, but I only did that a couple of times. All in all a nice, relaxing week with my family. There is nothing I look forward to more than getting to spend time with my kids without distractions! It would have been nice to spend more time with my teenagers, but Eli stayed home(I think he wishes he went), and Jay brought a he is not in many pictures, because they were off doing their own thing...but that's ok, I think they had fun as well.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Alicia and Scott were married June 27th at this amazing little open air chapel in Chad's Ford. They had a truly beautiful Quaker style ceremony with only their closest relatives and a few friends. The nuptials were stripped down to what I feel is the absolute essence of what a marriage ceremony is supposed to be...a time of silent reflection and public declaration of intents. Like I said, truly beautiful. The rest of their family and friends joined them at a reception at the Brandywine River Museum. I hope to post some of the pictures from the reception soon, but for now, here's a bit of the first half of the day...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


June 7th
Princeton, NJ / Pen Ryn Mansion

I am backtracking a bit here. I know Lauren and Michael have been waiting to see some previews, and I have been so busy lately, I have had to put off the blog a bit. Just a note so you all know how brave this couple was. This was by far the hottest day of the past 10 years (that I remember) It had to be over 100 degrees in the shade, and their limo ended up with no air conditioning. Michael, being a take charge kind of guy promptly arranged for an air conditioned limo bus to come in it's place. While we waited, we took advantage of the wonderful town of Princeton. Lauren, Michael, Brian(who was working with me) and I took a quick walk to a cute ice cream shop a few blocks away....the perfect thing on a day like that and a great opportunity to make some cool images. Thanks for your willingness guys!
Just a note on the series posted here... First, I just LOVED Grandpa (Uncle Tony).
On the jumping picture...just look at the guy on the left. I took about 30 frames of them jumping, and he is in the same position in just about all of them. Weird.