Friday, December 7, 2007

Freaky Christmas

I had to drive Eli and Katie into town to see a concert, so I decided to take the girls with me. We went to Macy's to see their famous Holiday display. The Christmas Carol display was a little freaky for Eve, especially since they were about to close, and we were the only people in there. After you go through the Dickens display, Santa Claus is waiting for you to sit on his lap. Chaya was a litle freaked out about this.


Anonymous said...

I reallyl NEED a copy of the girls on Santa's lap.......... PLEASE

Carol Weaver said...

Oh my, it is a bit freaky! Dickens might not be the best pick for a Christmas display!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty freaky for the Holidays as well.

Aliens, casios and Xmas ???