Thursday, January 16, 2014


I was talking to my students today about how lucky they are to have regular access to devices that take great pictures and video at all times. I know they don't appreciate at all what they have. I told the old guy story about how I got a camera when I was 16, and it took film, and had interchangeable lenses and stuff (blank stares...), and how there was only one guy in my whole school that had a portable phone. It was a big box attached to wires, and only worked in his car and had to cost like $200 to make a phone call. It didn't take pictures as far as I knew. Although I am kind of an old, grumpy purist, I have recently decided that I will let them take pictures with their phones and other devices. There is only so much they can do with 5 cameras in a 45 minute class (there are 14 students). Now they can take all the photos they want at any time, and share them with the class. The key here is getting them to TAKE PICTURES. We'll see where we can take it from there.
Shooting with my cell phone is far from the quality of my Canon, but sometimes it is fun to travel light. I don't see myself shooting a wedding any time soon with my phone... but who knows. Here are a few of today's observations via the method that which was handy....

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I saw this post while searching "cellphoneography". I commiserate with you. I have 28 students in my digital photography class and ZERO cameras. I have been very resourceful for the last three years to say the least, and learned sooo much about the capabilities of the cell phone camera (and a ton about the history of photography!)Well good luck to you :)