Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I have been wanting to jump in on my wife's current blog project, but have failed so far. I also want to keep posting to this blog, because after about 5 years, I think I have a lot of valuable "journaling" and "sketches" here to draw upon and look back upon.  This weeks challenge was....
“The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts.” Describe the ghosts that live in your house.
Now... This could be taken many ways, especially in a 112 year old house. Not saying that our house is "haunted", but I am sure the ooze in our house could tell stories.  Ghosts are also something that plague my thought life quite often. My project is kind of a combination of the physical and mental ghosts that occupy my living space.  I could come right out and tell you exactly what I was thinking here, but between the title and the image itself, does anyone have a thought? I say this as if someone is going to read what has become a ghost of a blog..... but maybe there is still some ectoplasm lingering out there that will show signs of blog life here.


Anabella said...

I'm reading... :-)
Nice photo! But you're going to have to share your thoughts... People always ask me if we have ghosts, and I always say that ours was a happy house, they've moved on -- mainly because I am secretly afraid that if there are any, I'd be too freaked out to live there!
Now, about ghosts in my life.. Hmmm. That's a whole other story!

Jeff Reeder said...

The "ghosts" here are pretty non specific, but kind of all encompassing. My mind has been dwelling a lot on the past recently. I realize every day how life is just flying by. I would love to slow things down somehow, but I guess that doesn't happen. We really just need to learn to appreciate things as they happen, and use the past to learn to grow in the future. I have had many moments in the past 6 months, as my two oldest kids have left the house, starting independent lives of there own, where I just get sharp moments of memory daydreams. these daydreams are usually accompanied by feelings of pain in my chest and stomach, as well as tears more often than not. Not because they are sad memories, but because they are past. My kids will never be babies again. I cannot just flip back in time to relive these moments. I only have memories, and possibly material objects and pictures to remember those times. This is one of the reasons I am a photographer. I understand how important photographs are as time goes by. In my artwork, I am trying to portray a "feeling" or mood. When we moved into our house, there were many things left from previous occupants. My basement has been a mud covered time capsule. The background of this picture is an album cover from a Cat Stevens album that I found in the basement. It is basically so deteriorated that there is very little left to tell you what it is, but a few words and parts of pictures. It really made me think of how hearing a song may bring back little bits of memories. Sometimes you can't quite place what those memories are, or when they happened, but you know they are there. Cat Stevens makes me think of my childhood. My parents always had music playing in our house. Either on the stereo that was always left on to make people think there was someone home when there was not, or through the intercom system that ran throughout our house.... or a radio playing in the yard or on the street when I lived in Upper Darby. Songs turn on the flow of memories for me. Soooo.... to explain the image further, the tea set has lived in the basement since we moved here, gathering dust, dirt, and mystery. The radishes represent growth, and renewal. Apparently radishes are easy to grow in any environment. I found that interesting, and added that element of always growing from past experiences.
Probably more than was needed, but sometimes it is good to put these things into writing... so there you have it.