Saturday, January 6, 2007


Today it was around 70 degrees here. I had a few meetings early in the day, and was home by 4:00. After piddleing for a bit, we went out to the park for a bit. The girls rode bikes, which they don't get too much opportunity to, except in our driveway. It was also warm enough for some puddle jumping...or puddle walking. Of course it was dark before long and we headed home. I took more pictures at home, so I may cheat and make another post. It is just nice to spend some time with the kids...or at least part of them. Oh yeah, since these are small, you can click to see a larger version.


Katrina365 said...

There's just something about reflection pictures.

Jess logic said...

Amanda and I ended up there yesterday too, at the same time! We didn't get much riding in because my bike handle broke in transit so we putzed by the lake and played on the playground together before settling down onto those wooden horses and having a nice chat for about an hour. It was a perfect day for the park :)

jeff said...

It's great you got to spend some time with Amanda. That was much needed, huh?