Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is the Broad Axe Tavern. It is hundreds of years old. I have never been there. I have driven by it many times. It is being demolilished. Next week they will probably start building a CVS, just like the one a mile down the road.
Chaya and Eve got haircuts! I need to stop telling Chaya when I am taking her picture. She is going to get stuck like that.


Sandie said...

In that shot they remind me of the comedy and tragedy masks in the theatre. They are both very cute with their new hairdos. I still love the color of your walls!

my15minutes said...

The CVS story is maddening. And then when the CVS moves on, your community is left with a nasty box, rather than real architecture. We're battlling a WalMart that will be literally around the corner from me, that I'll pass every single day. It's inevitable. It drives me batty. I'm not opposed to development per se. But at least give us architecture; at least take into account whether the community even WANTS another store in the area. I totally sympathize.