Monday, January 15, 2007


Today was just foggy all day. I don't know if it is getting warmer or colder. I guess the cold is on it's way in. It has been much too warm for January. Anyway, I took a break for a few hours today and took the three youngest to the movies. I love movies. I had to pull over on the way home to shoot the fog looming around this farm. It was very hard to get a steady shot because the car was shaking...little did I know, it was getting ready to run out of gas again.
Chaya drawing smiley faces on the car.


Anonymous said...

It's eerie, but beautiful!

julieunplugged said...

Did you use any effects? The blue is so deep.

Love the idea of the smiley faces on the van with the hint of her reflection.

Sandy said...

Wow, that blue in the sky is intense. I can see the fog settling around the trees. Love the reflection in the second one.

PS -What movie did you see? :)

my15minutes said...

I love the smiley superimposed over her own reflection. Both are good shots, but that second one with the movement of her hand is my fave.

jeff said...

We saw "Arthur and the Invisibles". Animated movies blow me away. I'd love to be part of making a movie.

Julie. I did not use any effects on this "persay". I did adjust color in photoshop a bit, but not much....just balancing the yellow in the foreground. I did a little healing brush to cut down a glare in the forground, and doged the fog a little to make it stand out more. I see from your picture today that you are working with similar colors. I love that you used the tv as a light source!

jeff said...
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