Wednesday, January 3, 2007

more from the BASEMENT



my15minutes said...

I love the mixer one...are you doing any special effects to get the color, or is it just the nature of the light in the basement?

jeff said...

I shoot in RAW, and do some color/density/contrast corrections in photoshop. The light is naturally like that in the basement, but on initial capture it comes out much more yellow due to the tungsten light, and the overall brown of the basement, so I filter the yellow a bit. I am using some actions once the image is converted to jpg. These actions don't effect the color though, just sharpness, contrast etc.

julieunplugged said...

You are amazing!

Every bit as good as dalissa always said you were. :) I love your photos of the kids. They are delightful and capture personality not just looks. I am using your blog as a tutorial on how to *see*.

Thanks for joining in.

jeff said...

Dalissa mentioned you might be doing that. That's awesome, thanks!