Friday, January 19, 2007


I am not a morning person. I was up at 6 to get Eli up, and tried to get back to sleep. It was a beautiful morning here before the sun came up...there was a nice coating of snow on the ground. I wanted to get up and take a picture of this, but I fought myself....I could sleep at least another 2 hours! The thought of getting up and shooting kept me just awake enough to not really fall asleep, but not actually get up. Soon the sun was up and as Chaya got ready to wait for the bus (which ended up never coming), I remembered how nice the morning light in the hallway is. I got up and got this picture instead. not what I wanted, but Chaya's warm smile is better than some dark snow and ice, right?
I have to throw this in. After the early, snowy morning, I was happy to find my favorite coffee place(ok, it's a donut place but isn't the coffee the real attraction) in my rear view mirror. Dalissa and I had a rare 5 minutes to sit down together for a bite and a drink, then it was on with work and the rest of the day.


Sandie said...

That smile and light were definitely worth getting up for! Because of your old house and what she is wearing it has a really timeless effect that is nice.

Jess logic said...

Sitting down to chat over coffee in the morning sounds sooo appealing! Mike and I seldom get those times. I love the shot of Chaya :)

Dancingirl365 said...

Sweet girl with a sweet smile. I enjoyed reading your comment about your morning as well!

Glad you had a few minutes together to talk over coffee.