Sunday, February 21, 2010


We stayed in a hotel downtown after our annual Chinese New year celebration. Each year we beg my parents to watch the younger kids, leave the house to the older kids, and enjoy a feast with some good friends who we sometimes only see this one time every year (see previous day's lobster platter!). Without children to worry about, or the dog, or something in the house breaking, or work, or emails, we have the luxury of sleeping in this one day. Of course the building next to the hotel has to catch on fire at 7:00 in the morning. We tried hard to ignore the many sirens, but for fear of the possibility of the building we were in being on fire, I had to get up and see what was happening. At first it just looked like chimney smoke, but soon the smoke was coming out windows and lingering in the alleys. I took a few pictures and tried to go back to sleep, to no avail. Oh well. It looked like the fire got put out without too much damage, and we got an earlier start to our day than we planned.

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