Thursday, March 1, 2007


I spent a few hours today doing some shots fot the New Jersey Opera Theater. I thoroughly enjoy this kind of work. I have gained such an appreciation for this art form over the past few years. I brought Jonah and Chaya along to watch, and to assist me a bit. Even though the whole production was in Italian, they caught on to the subtitles playing above the stage and followed completely.


julieunplugged said...

These are remarkable shots! Do you use a flash or how do you get the pics so bright and not blurry?

jeff said...

Thanks Julie. No, flash would ruin the shot. Luckily, with professional performances, comes professional lighting. Some productions are harder than others, depending on the mood being set by the lights. In most cases, the lights are bright enough that I can work at a wide open aperature (f/2.8 with the lens I use most often for this), with a shutter speed of around 125th of a second. My iso is either 800 or 1250. At 125th of a second, I can stop most moderate action from blurring.