Saturday, February 24, 2007


Happy Birthday Rose and Evan!
It is nice to get to see friends on the weekend. I have to take advantage of this, because when wedding season starts I don't get to socialize much at all.

In the evening we went to an annual Chinese New Year celebration. Great food (sorry mister lobster), and great company. This is pretty much the only time each year we get to see these guys socially. Hopefully someday things slow down so we can have more times like this....
(second photo)I photographed John and Sarah's wedding a few years ago. As you can see, they have gone forth from then and multiplied!
(last photo)I just had to post this one. I think Jon will appreciate it.


bridget said...

i love his little hands holding onto the table! i am their mother (and of course bias!!!) but i love the photos of them!

and since i did not have my camera on me...too busy lighting candles (and yes, i know you lighted candles AND took pics...your multi-tasking surpassed mine :0 can i have copies of these? digital is fine! ;)

jeff said...

Of course you can have copies. You know you may have to remind me many times, but I will get them to you physically or digitally.