Thursday, February 22, 2007


Jonah is so creative. He likes to save everything because it can, at some point be used to make something. I love this. I am just now remembering that I used to save everything for Eli when he was younger...old radios, tv's, wood, etc. He didn't quite have the patience that Jonah does. He needed a little more immediate gratification, so he never did too much with the stuff, and focused more on drawing and video. I am thinking jonah could make great things given some interesting supplies. I'll have to start looking at the trash a little more closely. Here is a "rocket" Jonah made today out of some readily available supplies.


Dancingirl365 said...

I enjoyed these portraits of your children and reading your comments about them. I like the way the light and shadows play on Jay, the expression on Chaya's face (which looks a bit passive agressive), plus the way she's hiding behind the rails, and Jonah steadily at work in the background with the focus on the rocket. I never tire of seeing pictures of children.

LauraLiz said...

How fun! I just love to see kids get an idea and run with it. Love the focus and concentration.

SusansPlace said...

I saw these types of creations on display in the art department at The University of Texas. Seriously, they were making art out of cereal boxes and whatnot. Maybe they called it recycled art? So, Jonah is way ahead of the game. :-)