Sunday, January 16, 2011


We got to enjoy two culinary treats today. This morning Josiah, who is going to MBIT for culinary arts, showed off some of his mad skills by cooking up some very tasty breakfast burritos. Then, later in the day, Jonah put some time into his year long school research project on Italian cooking, by rolling out some home made pasta. I am going to have to enforce the homework policy this year, and keep these guys cooking on a more regular basis!


julieunplugged said...

Okay a few notes:

One - I love your house. It reminds me of mine - the cabinets (same era) the open cabinet door in the photo, the stuff on the counter, hanging from the walls. Yes!

Two - I love the color of the walls (same as my kitchen)!

Three - Your boys are adorable and I love that they are both into artistic food. What a great family you have!

Four - What's up with the hilarious smilie on the egg in Jonah's photo? Ha ha ha!

Get them to do their homework, indeed!

Oh, good photos too. :D

Sandie said...

If I miss anything about running the resource center it is cooking with the kids! This pictures make me very nostalgic for that one aspect of my 'old life'.

Jeff Reeder said...

Hehe. The egg. Jonah likes to animate things, so before he cracked his eggs, he had to put scared faces on them. I loved this.