Thursday, June 18, 2009


St. Agatha/St. James - Ballroom at the Ben - May 29th 2009


Lynne said...

Jeff the pictures are exquisite. You have quite a gift! Lynne:)

elise said...

I capture the intimacy and joy of the occasion beautifully....

Anonymous said...

Jeff, we love the pictures. You are an artistic genius! We are so grateful to have worked with you.
Thank you, Amanda and Rob

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Amanda and Rob's wedding are perfect! We can't pick our favorite (but would love to know yours when you are done). We are sad that there are no more DiNofia weddings - and so grateful that the O'Neill's and Patton's introduced you to us. Hope you are still in the business when my kids are grown!
Melissa - the oldest DiNofia sister

Anonymous said...

these are FANTASTIC.
The church is beautiful and you captured the occasion so well.
Just love the one with the dog (of course).