Thursday, January 1, 2009


Another day, another year.... blah blah blah

I am starting the year as most other people thinking of change. Not bullshit propaganda Obama-ish change (no offense to Obama, I like Obama, I hate propaganda), but change within myself. I have been looking for that for a while, but at the beginning of a new year, as with the beginning of a new Presidency, things seem slightly possible. There is nothing wrong with a little hope, right.
I am thinking I am going to do the every day thing. I didn't come close to doing it last year, and I really learned a lot from doing it in 2007. So, whether it is a good thing or a horrible thing, I am going to try to delve inside myself and produce some meaningful pictures every day......scratch that, I am going to produce pictures every day. Not everything has to be deep and meaningful, right. Sometimes pictures can be just that, pictures. Something to look at, and if you can get something from that image...very good!
Here's to HOPE.


Sandy said...

I rarely leave a comment but I have been reading along here. Glad to hear you're going to try 365 again. I've decided to give it a try again too. No everything doesn't have to be deep and meaningful - fwiw, I always learn from your shots (and Dali's too - can you talk her into doing 365?).

jeff said...

Hey Sandy! I'll be following your year. I am so glad you are doing it too. I have tried to get Dalissa to join in.... the best I could get is a possible "52". We'll see.

nikki said...

I'm so glad you're doing this.. I've missed your regular photos this last year.

Anonymous said...

You will sure make me happy.....
I have really missed your 365..
Here's to HOPE.... I have it.

Dirkus said...

These are a beautiful start! Viel Gluck!